From Knipe House to parking: Topics to keep an eye out for in the Evans Churchill neighborhood

The Evans Churchill Community Association discussed several upcoming hot topics Wednesday. (Sierra LaDuke/DD)

Several up-and-coming issues and topics were explored at an Evans Churchill Community Association meeting on Wednesday. These are some topics nearby residents should keep an eye on in upcoming weeks.

Bike registration
Evans Churchill is working to register bikes in the neighborhood with the Phoenix Police Department with the help of a blockwatch grant. Thanks to the grant, ECCA has been holding bike registrations every few months in partnership with Phoenix police and Bioscience High School. They are also exploring ways to expand this grant for other services.

Knipe House RFP
The City of Phoenix Community and Economic Development Department plans to open requests for proposals for the Leighton G. Knipe House. They currently want to activate the area around it. An RFP would include the area around it, but adaptive reuse of the Knipe House will have to be included in the first phase of any project. Hopes for the project include a mixed development that would include affordable housing and parking. Currently the property is occupied by the 1909 building and recently relocated Roosevelt Growhouse. The next meetings on this will be the April 17 Roosevelt Row Merchants Association Meeting and the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on the same day.

Bioscience Parking Issues:
Seniors at Bioscience High School are looking at solutions to parking issues. Currently students are parking at Moreland Street and farther. Surveys they conducted predict a need for at least 40 spaces. Meters around the school which currently go largely unoccupied may be able to fulfill this if a parking pass-type system for students is implemented for seniors. Free spaces near the school often are occupied by ASU Downtown students and community members. The seniors hope to do this without a cost to students but are open to options. Evans Churchill Community Association plans to explore the issue more and look into solutions. More information on the project can be found here.

Roosevelt Row CDC arts preservation and improvement:
Roosevelt Row CDC and the Roosevelt Row Merchants Association are exploring options to increase the visibility of the arts district and to help local artists. They will look into ways to help individual artists, temporarily activate lots, work with businesses and developments to increase the arts and more. They will also explore ways to increase activity on Moreland Street during First Fridays. They hope to do this through alley and lot activation, performances and projections. The Phoenix Center for the Arts has also started holding a Date Nite program where parents can drop off kids for art classes while parents can go out and enjoy downtown.

Developments near closer opening:
Two developments hope to open in the late spring to early summer. The Oscar, a containers project by STARKJAMES, is expected to open soon. The development, which will be located at 206 E. Portland St., is waiting on a certificate of occupancy. The development will have nine one-bedroom apartments, two live-and-work units and one commercial unit.

The Blocks is expected to move forward and submit final site plans next week and hopes to begin construction in summer. Leoni’s Focaccia restaurant announced this week it will be moving into the project.

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