Gallo Blanco set to return this summer

The view of the new Gallo Blanco located at 10th and Pierce streets, in the Garfield district in downtown Phoenix. (Courtesy of Doug Robson)

After two years, the Gallo Blanco restaurant will be returning to serve up Mexican food once again.

The Gallo Blanco served traditional Oaxacan-style Mexican food in the Clarendon Hotel before leaving the establishment in 2015. Since then, owner Doug Robson has been operating the Otro Café in downtown Phoenix. Robson said the new Gallo Blanco restaurant will be located at 10th and Pierce streets and its return will allow him to start serving the community starting in June.

Robson is originally from Mexico City and said he tries to bring his culture and passion for food together in his restaurants.

“Part of our culture is that we work together as a team to make great recipes for everyone” he said. “We want everyone in Phoenix to enjoy the food we cook from the heart and to feel our hospitality through the atmosphere.”

Robson said Gallo doesn’t have a specific opening date set for in June, but when it does return, it’ll be bringing back the good Mexican food it was originally known for.

“I’ve always been enamored with the flavors from down in Mexico and I’ve always wanted to put those honest flavors in front of people and hoped that they’d like it,” he said. “I’m excited to bring that back to Phoenix.”

Ken Jacoby, who is one of the owners of Otro Café along with Doug and Tony Robson, agreed with Doug and said Doug has continued to create new menu items since the closure of the original Gallo Blanco.

“We haven’t stopped creating in the two years Gallo has been closed and there will be some exciting new stuff coming out,” Jacoby said.

With new changes, Jacoby said he hopes the new Gallo Blanco will continue to cater to and be connected the community. Jacoby said this will be possible because the Gallo will serve locally sourced, seasonally available foods.

Carlos Diaz, the current executive chef at Robson’s Otro Café said he’ll be moving to the new Gallo Blanco and hopes to bring his love of food and community with him when it opens.

“Cooking always caught my attention because of how my grandma cooked for me when I was little,” he said. “So, since I was young, she always inspired me. Now, everyone in the restaurant really loves to cook and to do the things right and fresh. We want people to feel like they’re eating at their home.”

Robson said the Gallo Blanco is for anyone looking to eat good food and connect with their community.

“At the end of the day, we just want to cook from the heart,” he said.

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