Fifth Street: A year in review

Roosevelt Row has faced a chain of businesses moving and closing in the past year. (Nicole Neri/DD)

The face of the Roosevelt Row Arts District has changed as new development moves in and galleries, businesses and shops adjust to changing people and costs.

Over the course of the past year, Fifth Street has faced five closures, along with more on neighboring Sixth Street. Fifth Street most recently saw the closure of Lawn Gnome. Take a look around Fifth Street today below by dragging your cursor to move the screen.

Fifth Street from Cronkite Innovation Club on Vimeo.

Over the course of a year, Fifth Street has faced changes month after month since August, when the first round of closures began with the Five15 Arts gallery and Lotus Contemporary Art gallery. The Flowers building where the galleries were located will be incorporated at the Blocks of Roosevelt Row development by Desert Viking. Closures and openings over this year can be found below.

Some of the businesses have closed, or relocated. Some of the buildings that have closed will be incorporated into the Blocks at Roosevelt Row development.

Changing Locations:

Closed/Gone: Five15, Lotus Contemporary, Think! Printing, Roosevelt Growhouse, Lawn Gnome Publishing, Champion PR/Treeo, Jobot Coffee and Diner

Still at Fifth Street: Melt, Eye Lounge, MADE art boutique, The Lost Leaf, Buried Treasures
Relocated businesses: Roosevelt Growhouse, Champion PR, Jobot Coffee and Diner

The future: The Blocks at Roosevelt Row is expected to be completed in Fall 2017.

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