CaZo premieres “Asylum: Resurrection” on Friday the 13th

Dancer Katie Lachvayder plays Kristin from "Nightmare on Elm Street 3" in "Asylum." (Stephanie Tippi Hart/Dragonfly Studio Photography)

CaZo Dance Company is getting ready for the third installment of their “Asylum” series, “Asylum: Resurrection.” Season three will premiere Oct. 13 at the Phoenix Center for the Arts and feature all your favorite characters from classic horror stories.

The idea of “Asylum” began a couple years ago. It started out as an all-women asylum with a storyline that parallels season two of “American Horror Story” where a reporter seeks information on a story and later finds herself a patient. The second season introduced more characters, including men, as well as a love triangle. This latest season is where it will all lead to.

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“The inception of ‘Asylum’ was based off of basically what would happen if you put a bunch of cinematic characters in one place,” said Bridgette Borzillo, the show’s creator and choreographer. “I’m a big movie buff. I basically get the characters from these movies and give them an alternate ending and that’s how they end up in the asylum.”

Past seasons featured a blend of characters from established fiction and originals. However, Borzillo made it a point that this production would only feature characters from cinema. Season three welcomes back characters such as Carrie (from Stephen King’s novel, “Carrie”) and Nina (“Black Swan”) while welcoming in new guests of the asylum, including Norma and Norman Bates and Drop Dead Fred.

Rehearsal Assistant Samantha Brown is the only dancer who has played the same character all three seasons. She portrays the disturbed Nina from “Black Swan.”

“In Nina’s dance, ‘Shadows,’ I find myself taking a new form, truly feeling the feelings of fear, anger and sadness,” Brown said. “Needless to say I walk off the stage and I have to find my center in order to take a breath and move forward in the show. It’s rewarding to be able to embody your character in such a way but at the same time it can be a little nerve-wracking.”

The production is told primarily through dance accompanied by a soundtrack that includes a variety of songs from instrumentals to hip-hop. The storyline is expressed through body language with very little dialogue.

“We have hip-hop, contemporary, modern, ballroom,” Director’s Assistant Rebecca Reeder said. “We mix a lot of dance styles together in the hopes that it will create a more diverse and tantalizing performance overall.”

Prior to the show, there will be a recap of the previous seasons as well as an introduction to all of the characters. Horror movie buffs aren’t the only ones welcome to this show. Even if you can’t tell Freddy apart from Jason, the storyline incorporates horror, drama, love and comedy into one unique blend.

“I think the best part about how CaZo puts on a show and Bridgette’s mastermind behind the whole thing is that we want to be accessible to an audience,” Reeder said. “If this is your first time at a dance event, you aren’t going to fall behind. Even though there isn’t a lot of talking and there’s not a lot of script to it, you get introduced to all of the characters individually. Every character has their own spotlight at some point during the show which humanizes the characters.”

The first show will be Friday the 13th at 8 p.m. There are two more on Saturday. To find more information and buy tickets, visit

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