New hotel being built by Marriott in Arizona Center

The Arizona Center before the most recent remodel began. (Madeline Pado/DD)

A new 15-story AC Hotel by Marriott is coming to the Arizona Center with construction set to begin in 2018.

The Las Vegas-based company LaPour Partners is contracted to build the hotel.

Construction of the 49,190 square-foot, 15-story hotel begins in April 2018. The hotel will sit on Fifth Street between Van Buren and Fillmore.

The new AC Hotel is designed to provide guests with European inspired breakfast and room service that consists of snack or tapas plates during the evening.

According to AZ Big Media, the hotel will express an urban look, yet a classic design. It contains a fitness center, rooftop bar, lounge and pool.

“I think any development to improve the city of Phoenix and the downtown sector are always good things,” Matthew Hoeffel, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Herberger Theater Center said.

Executive Director of the Downtown Phoenix Partnership Dan Klocke said downtown Phoenix gives its residents and the public an environment thriving with bars, restaurants and art. Klocke said great downtowns are about density and having a lot of people on the sidewalks and streets.

With the addition of new hotel rooms and hotels around downtown, the occupancy rate has risen the last few years, Klocke said, and he feels good that downtown is able to add more.

Klocke said having more hotels attracts more conventions, so it is a sort of circular reinforcement of business.

“I think generally, it’s great that we’re adding more hotel rooms, and we’re excited to see and have more visitors here downtown, and that’ll be good for the Arizona Center as well,” Klocke said.

President of LaPour Partners Jeffrey LaPour told AZ Big Media the growth taking place around downtown made the Arizona Center perfect for adding a new hotel.

General Manager of the 1130 Restaurant in the Arizona Center Amber Cesena said she will miss a lot of the nature being replaced by the hotel as there are few places downtown without cement.

“I will miss not only the palm garden by the parking garage, it has at least six bunnies that live there, but also the ‘grassy knoll’ that is over on Fifth and Van Buren,” Cesena said.

Cesena said she does not think a hotel is needed and there are few times all hotels are filled to capacity. She added the construction going on in the Arizona Center brought business down a lot and it has been hard to keep staff, leaving costumers get very frustrated.

“But we hope it is worth all the struggle in the end,” Cesena said.

Cesena, having worked in the center since the year 2000, said the construction is a long-needed improvement and hopes it helps in the long run.

“I am excited for all of the changes to the Arizona Center, any new business would be great to add since most of the center has been half-empty for years,” Cesena said.