Idiotarod was a booze-soaked shopping-cart race


The 12th annual Phoenix Idiotarod attracted 29 teams this year for its costumed, sometimes drunken shopping-cart race through more than 3 miles of downtown Phoenix.

The event is put on by the AZ Cacophony Society, and every year a charity is chosen to benefit from the race. This year, each team member was required to bring five pairs of socks and/or underwear to donate to Empathy AZ, a nonprofit organization serving Phoenix’s homeless population.

The event featured many pit stops at bars and other locations around downtown Phoenix for games and challenges, including a footrace with players holding a potato between their legs and a drinking/balloon-popping game under a bridge.

Downtown Devil followed one team, the “Tankd Girls” team, through the event.

The “Tankd Girls” decorated shopping cart and the team’s costumes were based on the 1995 action/fantasy movie “Tank Girl.” (Nicole Neri/DD)
Ryan Scott, member of the “Tankd Girls” team, pushes the decorated shopping cart toward a pit stop on the 12th annual Phoenix Idiotarod track, which spanned more than 3 miles through downtown Phoenix, on┬áSaturday. (Nicole Neri/DD)
The “Tankd Girls” team consults their event passport during the 12th annual Phoenix Idiotarod in downtown Phoenix on Saturday. The route included several pit stops, either at bars for a drinking break or at different locations for challenges to be completed by the team. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Elaine Andrus pulls her boyfriend, William St. Claire, onto the railroad tracks, asking him to pose with her for a photo during the Phoenix Idiotarod. (Nicole Neri/DD)
William St. Clair (left) and Elaine Andrus (right), both members of the “Tankd Girls” team, walk hand in hand to the next pit stop. (Nicole Neri/DD)
William St. Clair walks through the Warehouse District carrying a pretend missile lanucher. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Bonny Piscione raises her plastic gun while taunting other teams. This was Bonny’s seventh Idiotarod. (Nicole Neri/DD)
William St. Clair adjusts a dismembered Barbie doll on the “Tankd Girls” cart outside of Chase Field. St. Clair said he stole the cart from a grocery store parking lot, but that he would disassemble and return it after the race. (Nicole Neri/DD)
William St. Clair waits for the rest of the “Tankd Girls” team while carrying a pretend missile launcher. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Ryan Scott and Charles Daye carry their “Tankd Girls” cart over the railroad tracks. (Nicole Neri/DD)
A man who calls himself “Moany Hawk” vapes under a bridge while preparing to referee a drinking game involving riding tricycles and popping balloons. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Charles Daye quickly drinks a beer as part of a challenge. Much of the Idiotarod involved drinking. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Some teams frequently threw smoke bombs as a disorienting sabotage tactic. (Nicole Neri/DD)
The Tankd Girls team takes a short break after competing under the bridge. (Nicole Neri/DD)
The Tankd Girls team starts toward the next pit stop. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Elaine Andrus (left) and Bonny Piscione (right) joke with other groups after winning one of the challenges. Andrus said she did the Idiotarod because “sometimes life is really fucking hard. Sometimes you just have to take a little to laugh about it, that’s what this is all about.” (Nicole Neri/DD)
Elaine Andrus makes everyone in her team eat some peanuts at a pit stop. (Nicole Neri/DD)
Ryan Scott dances outside of a bar. (Nicole Neri/DD)

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