Sundown Gallery opens in Garfield Historic District

(Barbara Smith/DD)

Frank Picazo has been featured in galleries across Phoenix, but always wanted to open a place that was his own. So Picazo and his partner, Kristin Payestewa decided to turn their home into what is now Sundown Gallery.

The gallery had its first formal opening Friday night and is located in the heart of the Garfield Historic District at 10th and Roosevelt streets.

“I just wanted to create something cool,” said Picazo, the mastermind behind the gallery.

Picazo and Payestewa, who are partners in both business and life, lead pretty normal lives alongside working in the gallery. Payestewa is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health and Picazo works a regular nine to five office job on the weekdays.

“[A few] weeks ago we were living here…I was watching HBO right here,” said Payestewa, walking around in what is now the main room of the gallery.

Payestewa is excited to have a place for artists to both create and show all the time. The front two rooms of the house are reserved for gallery showings, while the back of the house and the backyard are for artists to create.

So they packed their bags, moved into a smaller space and opened the gallery all in six weeks time.

For now, the gallery will be open to the public every first and third Friday of the month. Picazo wants to make the events bigger and bigger each time and to add more space for artists to work.

“The goal is to throw some [shipping] containers in the back, bring the homies in, rent them out, and make studios out of them,” Picazo said.

All of the currently featured artists are friends with Picazo and are a mix of locally known and international artists.

Local artists Tato Caraveo, Volar and J.B. Snyder are known for their murals around Phoenix that can be found on apartment complexes, businesses and other hot spots in the city.

International artists Seth Fainkujen and Isaac Fainkujen are brothers from Sweden who may not be as well-known locally, but are ready to start working more in the United States.

The ability to create has always been important to Picazo and he’s excited to finally have a place to call his own.

“I wanted a place to paint, and this was just the easiest way,” Picazo said.

Sundown Gallery is located at 921 E. Roosevelt St.

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