The Root and Soul opens at Desoto Central Market

(Nathan Thrash/DD)

The Root and Soul is the newest soul food establishment to be placed on downtown’s map, and its owner joins the rank of other beloved restaurants owned by his family members, s family restaurants: Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Cafe and LoLo’s Chicken and Waffles.

Owner and head chef Christian Buze opened the contemporary soul food eatery this past Wednesday.

(Abigail Spong/DD)

Before his newest business endeavor, Buze owned Buzznbeez, a food truck he parted ways with in 2015. After dabbling in car sales, Buze made it his New Years resolution to get back into the kitchen.

In his new spot nestled in the back corner of Desoto Central Market, Buze can be found cooking up soul food classics including the “Million Dollar” mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, and even catfish in an old school, cast iron skillet.

Buze said he has a different style of cooking compared to his grandmother and cousin.

“We have a very contemporary and traditional style of cooking,” Buze said. “And I think with time I will be able to make a name for myself.”

Jasmine and James Hoard, customers and friends of Buze, indulged in their first try of The Root and Soul’s menu.

“Good, hot, right on time, crispy and well-seasoned,” Jasmine Hoard said.

Mike Mill, an employee at The Root and Soul, said what sets this soul food spot apart from the others is the contemporary take on classics. “I believe we’re bringing something new and fresh to the neighborhood, but we’re also inspired by those that are successful,” Mill said.

Mill said Desoto Central Market is the perfect atmosphere for The Root and Soul restaurant.

“Roosevelt to us is a judgment-free zone,” Mill said. “Just really embracing different cultures, different ideas and different people, and that’s the cool part about this area.”

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  1. Nicely written! Now I need to go try some of that million dollar mac n’ cheese!!!!!!