With the development of the remaining retail space on the first floor of Taylor Place, the addition of CityScape and various other changes throughout downtown Phoenix, new restaurants and other businesses will begin offering their services to students downtown.
The Quick Mart, a new convenience store that opened mid-March in the Arizona Center, will reportedly give ASU students a 10 percent discount, according to store spokesmen.
light rail ads
Valley Metro unveiled their new train wrap advertisements on the light rail system late last month, after changing its advertising policy in July 2009 to include advertising on trains.
While most businesses have benefited from the Downtown campus, ASU’s economic impact in downtown Phoenix has been limited by the current economic recession and by students’ slow adaptation to the area.
411 Effect, an organization of about 30 downtown students, will host a business expo, fashion show and networking mixer on April 6. Open to everyone, the event is intended to attract people to the Downtown campus, provide opportunities for students and give businesses and student organizations a chance to get their name out, said 411 Effect President Louanna Faine.
A Taylor Place official said on Wednesday that the six available retail spaces on the Downtown campus remain empty despite ongoing efforts to attract tenants.
The Downtown campus has met expectations for growth despite changes from original development plans and will continue to expand in the future, an ASU official said.
Construction on Hsin, the Chinese restaurant located on the first floor of Taylor Place, was meant to be completed by August, but a conflict regarding Maroon and Gold Dollars will keep doors closed until at least October, said Ben Juang, owner of Hsin.
Hsin, a Chinese restaurant located on First Street on the first floor of Taylor Place, is currently going through tenant improvements but is expected to open in early August, said Marc Striker, owner of Frontier Commercial, the project’s coordinator.