The Downtown Phoenix Partnership wants a bigger budget so as to increase their influence, but that means raising taxes for local businesses. The DPP is also looking to expand their cultural events and expand their boundaries on top of maintaining their current programs.
People who receive insurance through the Affordable Care Act need better education from health care providers about their health problems and prescriptions, said Assistant Surgeon General Nadine Simons, Rear Admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, to students, professors and health care professionals on Wednesday.
Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said Wednesday that the current health care system is unsustainable but that reform in non-political avenues such as education offers a solution.
Technology gurus and businessmen alike gathered at the Phoenix Convention Center for the fifth annual Arizona Technology Summit on Wednesday.
Phoenix is trying to partner with ASU and the Alexandria Network to further promote the city's burgeoning start-up culture. Burton Barr Central Library would provide the spot for the Network's signature EUREKA spaces, co-working spaces that combine resources from the libraries, ASU and Phoenix. The Alexandria Network is already located in Scottsdale and plans to expand to seven other states, Canada and Amsterdam.
USGD members debated over amending Senate bylaws to include a time cap for government officials' event attendance requirements. Two appointments were made and several funding requests for conferences were approved.
Phoenix fire and police departments as well as city officials gathered at Phoenix City Hall for a 12th anniversary memorial service for Sept. 11. The service featured speeches from fire department and political figures as well as ceremonies such as a 21-gun salute and bell-tolling in remembrance of the fallen.
Bicyclists will be able to breathe a sigh of fresh air as the city focuses on more bike-friendly streets in collaboration with the new bike-share program starting December.
Sen. John McCain told a crowded Burton Barr Central Library Thursday that the government is not considering sending American soldiers to intervene in Syria as the debate over involvement in the Middle Eastern country continues.
The city of Phoenix is set to complete renovations on First Street with paint and plants instead of heavy construction. The city will forgo tearing up the street and relocating utilities by using paint, planters and other design materials to complete the design guidelines set by the First Street Streetscape Study.