Devil’s Advocate: A look back at the best of Spring 2019

The majority of Downtown Devil's spring 2019 staff on the last meeting of the school year.

Downtown has been busy, and for us, that means it’s been a wild semester.  As with every semester, Downtown Devil has been on the ground bringing you hyperlocal stories about anything and everything happening in downtown Phoenix. We covered the mayoral and District 8 elections, donations related to the Suns, and even some more light-hearted stories like crowdfunding and arts. We celebrated our tenth birthday with a little help from our readers and founders

Just as with every summer, starting next week, Downtown Devil will take a break from daily coverage.  Downtown Devil will be back to regular coverage in August, bringing you strong, hyperlocal stories that matter. 

Before we take a break, Executive Editor Kara Carlson, and Editor in Chief Daniel Perle, took a look at a few of this semester’s top stories.  

Arts and Entertainment:

Artists of all levels and techniques spray it on thick at Mural Mondays

Arts and Entertainment editor Sara Edwards took a deep dive into Unexpected Gallery’s Mural Mondays, a weekly gathering for mural and graffiti artists considered by some of its participants as an “experimental workspace.” Sara took readers into Unexpected to unveil the community and event inside through both her writing and photos.


Suns members donated over $30,000 to council campaigns since 2012

Staff reporter Lisa Diethelm took on a key aspect of the biggest Phoenix City Hall Story of the semester, elections aside. While the story made it clear that members of a sports franchise’s front office making donations to local politicians was normal, that normalcy comes into questions when franchises come asking for taxpayer money.


Local legend crowdfunds his way to bachelor bash after accidental invite

Co-Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Spiess took a fun dive into this wild story that was arguably one of the most fun of the semester. Phoenix resident Will Novak found himself at the center of the adventure of a lifetime after an email mixup led him to crowdfund his way to a stranger’s bachelor party.  Like any rational person, he explained there must be a mix-up, but to  “F*cking count (him) in.”  He crowdfunded his way there, and Rebecca did a great job capturing the fun spirit of the whole adventure.


Student tackles ASU downtown disability

Reporter Madeline Ackley did a good job showcasing some of the lingering American Disability Act shortcomings the Arizona State University Downtown Phoenix campus still has. Rachel Fisher shared her own difficulties with these shortcomings, saying that boys have pet her service dog against her wishes and that the Third Street and Taylor Street crosswalk isn’t accessible.


Your guide to the District 8 City Council race

Co-Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Spiess took a look at the District 8 Council Race prior to the early March elections. She broke down each of the candidates’ experiences and stances for readers. The election later resulted in a run-off between candidates Michael Johnson and Carlos Garcia, who received the two largest shares of the vote. Rebecca did an outstanding job of looking beyond those two and examining the priorities of each candidate in a very crowded initial field.


The Rundown: Mayor Gallego, end of Nowakowski recall and City Council recap

On this episode of The Rundown, we broke down the recent election of Kate Gallego to the office of Mayor of Phoenix. That same week, the recall effort against Michael Nowakowski was officially ended in the Arizona Supreme Court and Lisa Diethelm, later a fellow co-host of The Rundown, came on to talk about the happenings at that week’s City Council recap.


Second Amendment supporters gather for gun rights at Saturday rally

In February, Second Amendment proponents gathered at the capital for a day full of passion, speakers and gun support. Nicole Neri’s photos captured the scene and brought readers to the front line. From the speakers to memorabilia to the armed audience members, Nicole gives readers a first hand view of the entire rally.

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