Exploring five of the most shocking downtown business closures from the last few years

DeSoto Central Market closed unexpectedly in 2018. (Nathan Thrash/DD)

Over the past few years, downtown Phoenix has seen a lot of unexpected business closures, especially toward the city’s urban center. Some of these places were around for years and became part of the downtown landscape. Others, well, not so much. Here’s our round-up of downtown’s most shocking business closures from the past few years.

Track Club 

Opening in place of DeSoto market, Track Club was to be downtown’s first full nightclub and would host EDM artists, feature a large dance floor and cocktail lounge. The club was not without controversy, as some downtown residents felt that it did not fit the “vibe” of Roosevelt Row and were disappointed that it would replace DeSoto, which many saw as a community gathering spot.

Despite the massive renovations made to the building Track Club closed suddenly after only a few weeks. Details as to why it closed down are murky, but based on a statement released by its owners it seems to have been related to internal issues.

DeSoto Central Market

Arguably the most shocking closure on this list is DeSoto Central Market, which abruptly closed on August 20, 2018. In fact, the closure was so abrupt that its employees showed up for work one morning to find the doors locked and the business closed down. DeSoto was home to a variety of food counters, stores and was seen as a community gathering space for downtown residents. Luckily for fans of DeSoto, some of its former employees and vendors have relocated to different spaces around the Phoenix area. 


Described as a Mediterranean restaurant based on Mexico City’s trendy bohemian neighborhood, Condesa was open for less than four weeks. Its closure was apparently due to a dispute with the buildings landlord, and the restaurant never even opened for full service dining. It is unknown as to whether or not Condesa will reopen in the future, but despite their closure their website still lists them as open and has a page where you can book private events for December 2019. 

Daily Jam

Daily Jam, which was previously known as NCounter, is a breakfast restaurant that serves everything from red velvet waffles to mimosas and chilaquiles. They have a couple locations around the Phoenix area, and up until a few months ago they operated a restaurant in downtown. Much like other businesses on this list, they closed abruptly and without warning.

Little information about the closure is to be found aside from a notice posted on the building which used to house the restaurant declaring that “You were locked out by the Landlord on November 5th, 2019. All of the personal property owned by the subject Tenant is subject to a landlord lien.” This notice also said that the “letter is an attempt to collect on a debt.” It is unclear as to why the landlord closed the location and why they are attempting to collect a debt from Daily Jam. 

Mother Bunch

Located on the edge of downtown Phoenix, Mother Bunch was celebrated as one of the few female-owned businesses in the largely male-dominated brewing industry. It offered a wide array of beers on tap in addition to wine, cocktails and bar food. After five years in operation, it closed in early 2020. The brewery’s co-owner Julie Meeker announced the shut down via Facebook on January 6, thanking their staff and customers for business over the past five years. The reasons for this closure remain unclear. 

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