Eye Lounge makes space for Greenwood Brewing taproom

Eye Lounge will be undergoing rennovations

Eye Lounge art gallery on Roosevelt Street will permanently move within its building, resulting in a new entrance on Fifth Street while renovations make room for a new brewery.

The storefront, which is located on Fifth and Roosevelt streets, will be occupied by a Greenwood Brewing taproom, allowing guests to bring their alcoholic beverages throughout the entire property, according to Megan Greenwood, owner of the brewery.

Greenwood Brewing will be located in a separate building constructed in the parking lot between Eye Lounge and Modified Arts. A beer garden will be put between the brewery and Eye Lounge.

“We want to keep all of the existing buildings the way they are,” Greenwood said. “We love the historic preservation.”

They will break ground next month and the renovations are set to be completed sometime in February, Greenwood said. She added she would like to open up shop earlier, but the main focus is preserving the 1950s buildings.

“There are some projects that are close by that have demolished existing buildings in downtown Phoenix and we really don’t want to do that,” Greenwood said. “We wanted to keep the integrity of the building—we wanted to just enhance and complement it with the brewery.”

Instead of demolishing Eye Lounge and Made Arts Boutique, Eye Lounge owner Greg Esser said they are doing an adaptive reuse project, which means they are renovating the building for another use while keeping the original structure.

The renovations will provide wheelchair accessibility to the entire property.

“And that’s one of the advantages of the adaptive reuse of the historic house being part of this project: We are able to add that new ADA access as part of this project,” Esser said.

Windows will also be put back into the storefront where the taproom will be located.

“Because they were built in 1949 and 1950, the measure is no longer structurally sufficient to make today’s building code in order for us to put the storefront windows back where they were originally before it got closed up,” Esser said.

Eye Lounge president Gina DeGideo said the gallery will not have open hours for the next couple of weeks while renovations continue.

Normally people could access Eye Lounge through Made Art Boutique, but there is a temporary wall blocking the entrance, DeGideo said.

Due to construction, there will not be an exhibit during First Friday on Oct. 4, but there will be an art showing Oct. 18 featuring Samantha Lyn Aasen’s artwork.

“It’s just a couple of awkward weeks until we are moved into the new space,” DeGideo said.

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