Phoenix Public Market Cafe to serve free meals Saturday

The "Mezzie" hummus dish at Phoenix Public Market. (Hope O'Brien)

The Phoenix Public Market Cafe is hosting a free buffet-style dinner for ASU students this Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. to celebrate the new school year.

Students can expect to see dishes ranging from vegan and vegetarian options such as “The Mezzie,” which comes with hummus, picked cauliflower, quinoa, tabbouleh and Noble toast, to meat options such as the “Two Wash Ranch Half Rotisserie Chicken.” Food will be served on a first come, first serve basis.

The restaurant is less than a mile from the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus and was built with the college in mind.

“Essentially one of the reasons I came down here was because ASU was being built,” said restaurant owner Aaron Chamberlin.

According to Chamberlin, the cafe sees students every day.

ASU graduate student Colleen Sullivan said she has visited the cafe around 50 times since she was made aware of it.

“Everyone in my program liked to come here,” Sullivan said. “It is a popular study spot.”

Audrey Jensen is a graduate student on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. She has only been to the cafe twice, but she said she still felt the popularity it has among ASU students.

“I have seen students here whenever I walk by or have eaten here,” Jensen said. “It never hurts to get a student discount.”

The cafe has worked to price menu items so that students can meet there as much as possible and have included a 20% discount for any student with valid identification. Chamberlin hopes that the Phoenix Public Market Cafe can provide a place to study in addition to nourishment for ASU students.

“Our mission is to build community through food,” Chamberlin said.

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