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Developments coming to downtown

Downtown Phoenix has seen a massive amount of development over the last few years. To help you stay informed, we're now keeping a list...

Azteca Bakery readies for Christmas as city changes around it

The Azteca Bakery and Mexican Fast Food restaurant is set to enjoy their 60th holiday season operating in the Phoenix area. Sales of Azteca's tamales...

City subcommittee approves Request for Proposals for 2 vacant lots

The Sustainability, Housing, Efficiency and Neighborhoods Subcommittee approved Requests for Proposals to be sent out for downtown vacant lots and an affordable housing project. During...

Deconstructed: Downtown development and the GPLET tax incentive

By Jacob McAuliffe and Kelsey Hess Deconstructed is a collaboration between Downtown Devil and Blaze Radio to bring downtown voices to the forefront. In this week’s...

Enhanced vocational training and alley beautification boosted at downtown-focused panel

The need for expanded vocational training and alley beautification highlighted a panel on Thursday hosted by the Phoenix Community Alliance. District 3 Councilwoman Debra Stark...

Circles developer doubles down on tax break despite city and community opposition

By Brianna Bradley and Kara Carlson The developer behind the controversial 19-story $70 million mixed-use project at the site of the old Circle Records and...

Historic building protections continue to delay Hilton restaurant openings

Unexpected construction issues and limitations imposed by historic building protections have delayed the opening of both restaurants in the new Hilton.

Devil’s Advocate: ‘Vital’ tax break worth it? Your guess is as good as mine

Editor-in-Chief Agnel Philip explores what we know and what we don't about the complicated tax incentive that's fueled downtown development for two decades.

City Council reduces rents on certain micro-apartment units in return for tax incentive

The project will receive a 25-year tax incentive through a GPLET agreement. Ten units will have $840 rents after community petition.

Micro-apartment project may receive property tax incentive

A city subcommittee cleared a development agreement on Wednesday for Derby Roosevelt Row, a 19-story project on Second and McKinley streets.