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Sierra club holds environment day at the capitol

By Kyla Pearce and Kelly Richmond Sierra Club’s Grand Canyon Chapter held an Environmental Day at the Arizona State Capitol building Wednesday afternoon, hosting calls...

Legislators, students meet and outline environmental policy they want at the capitol

Residents and environmental organizations from 28 legislative districts met at the State Capitol Wednesday to lobby for environmental bills that will protect ecological water,...

Full weekend of volunteer opportunities planned in Phoenix in honor of Martin Luther King...

Since its creation in 1994, the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service has been a day for improving communities across the country in honor of Dr. King. Here's a list of some of the volunteer opportunities in Phoenix.

Phoenix significantly lowers greenhouse emissions, promotes sustainability

The city of Phoenix's efforts to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions have proven even more successful than expected. Announced at the Go Green Conference, Phoenix's rates were down by 7.2 percent since 2005, 2.2 percent higher than the original 5 percent goal.

Sustainability advocate balances family with environmental and economic causes

Sustainability advocate Stacey Champion draws her love for the environment from her childhood in Minnesota. Champion is involved in a variety of events and organizations, from public relations firms to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona and Rogue Green to Parking Day Phoenix.